Implementation of a Financial Mechanism for the dissemination of Solar Thermal Systems (STS) in MSME`s

Project Objectives

MicroEnergy International’s participation in the project consists in supporting the FAS in the “Implementation of a Financial Mechanism for the execution of pilot project of Solar Thermal Systems (STS) in SMEs”. MEI will  accomplish the following activities:

1.    The identification of the economic sectors that can benefit from the technology

2.    The identification of the technology supplier

3.    The support during the implementation


Project Description

The project aims to implement a financial mechanism for solar thermal systems in MSMEs in Mexico and pilot the mechanism through a financial institution in order to overcome the obstacle of high initial investment costs, and thus take advantage of the great potential of solar heating for productive use.



  • Identify at least three economic sectors for SMEs to the best of MEI`s knowledge and experience in Mexico and the Latin American region.
  • Design of a Focus Group questionnaire with the main purpose of gaining information about the profile of the economic sector target SMEs.
  • Carry out a selection of one provider from a list of recommended enterprises by GIZ.
  • Design of the technical provider critical path, including: objectives, strategies, economic incentives and expected results.
  • Collaboration in working plan design and report writing for GIZ.
  • Collaboration in the design of a workshop to train the loan officers of the Financial Intermediary.
  • Support of the Financial Intermediary in terms of provider agreements, relevant aspects related to the installation and use of STSs and submit recommendations during the pilot project implementation.



Country of Implementation



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

MEI is sub-contracted by:

Sparkassenstiftung für international Kooperation Mexico


Time Period

05.12.2014 – 15.07.2015



Solar Thermal Systems



3 prioritary sectors of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in Mexico have been identified as target groups:


  • Corn tortilla producers
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  • Hotels


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