East Africa - Power Kiosk

Scaling-up Rural Electrification in Kenya, Ethiopia and Madagascar

In October 2015, MEI initiated a partnership with Solarkiosk and HERi Madagascar within the scope of the project “Power Kiosk: Scaling-up Rural Electrification in Kenya, Ethiopia and Madagascar”. The project intends to provide sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity products and services to communities in 160 rural off-grid villages in Kenya, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

It is expected that the solar energy products and services offered by the kiosks benefit over 45,000 households, improving their living conditions by replacing contaminant and hazardous kerosene lamps with solar lamps, conventional stoves with improved cooking stoves, in addition to the provision of energy-based services such as cellphone charging and internet access. The project will also supply electricity services and products to municipalities, health centers, schools, SMEs and microfinance institutions located near the Power Kiosks.

MicroEnergy International is supporting the project partners in the design, testing and implementation of a socio-economic and environmental impact assessment framework of the Power Kiosks to assess their contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The project involves –among others –the following activities:

  • Design and testing of the data collection methodology,
  • Assessment of the causal chain of the Power Kiosks in the target communities,
  • Development of the impact indicators for the products and services of the Power Kiosks,
  • Design of the Monitoring and Impact Assessment Tool (MIAT) to support the data processing, impacts calculation and monitoring of the results of the project,
  • On-site training of the field teams in the designed methodology.




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Project Partners:

Solarkiosk AG

HERi Madagascar

Funded by:

European Commission


Countries of implementation:





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