Introduction of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Lending in PRASAC's Portfolio

Source: World Vision

Project description

Through this assignment technical assistance is provided by MicroEnergy International GmbH (MEI) and ACCESS Advisory (Philippines and Cambodia). The consortium is assists the Microfinance Institution PRASAC Microfinance (PRASAC) on behalf of its funder GCPF in enhancing existing and improving its offers in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. The overall purpose of the assignment is the improvement of on-lending of GCPF’s funding by PRASAC through standardized reporting, identification of new business opportunities, the design and implementation of new loan products as well as respective training activities.

Service provided by MEI

MEI’s technical assistance towards microfinance institutions has a strong focus on business models and market-based mechanisms for sustainable, high growth renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services. MEI supports PRASAC by:

  • An institutional analysis of PRASAC and the establishment and guidance of a RE/EE lending steering committee
  • A Supply and demand assessment of the overall Cambodian clean energy market and the MFI client market in particular
  • Strategy and business model development, including RE/EE financing potentials, risk analysis as well as marketing overview
  • Guidance on financial product development, supply chain and facilitation of agreements embedded in a wider action plan
  • Training and coordination of internal knowledge dissemination structures for long-term retention of expertise.




November 2016 - March 2017


Global Climate Partnership Fund

PRASAC Microfinance

Project Partner

ACCESS Advisory