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MicroEnergy International (MEI) consists of a team of international experts and practitioners in the field of energy, manufacturing and microfinance. Since 2002 MEI is cooperating with microfinance institutions, energy product & service providers, policy stakeholders and academics in various countries on all continents.


MEI’s business model relies on a team of core consultants with a strong network of partners in various fields of expertise. Linking energy and microfinance requires in-depth knowledge of diverse technological requirements of energy and process technologies and the complexity of the manufacturing process in the different industries that underlies continuous improvement and innovation. Thus, maintaining efficient partnerships and cooperation with experts and research institutions is a crucial success factor for MEI’s efforts in technology related financial services. In almost ten years of experience, MEI has developed specific skills and methodologies for a participative support of financial institutions willing to develop and strengthen their capacities in the fields of access to modern energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Promising approaches with regard to institutional awareness raising, tools to evaluate technology options as well as to developing technology partnerships and capacity building strategies have been designed and are continuously adapted and optimized. At the same time, MEI supports local and global policy makers in developing a favorable framework for linking energy and end-user financing, manufacturers and energy companies in adapting their products and services to the quality requirements of finance institutions as well as investors to link social and ecological investments.


MEI offers products and services under different topics: