Combining solar power and mobile communication technology to gain a competitive advantage in rural off-grid regions.

The Project:

Mobisol GmbH has designed a solar home system (SHS) suitable for off-grid, low-income customers. This SHS comes integrated with a flexible, pay-as-you-go plan accessible via a mobile phone application and targets low-income households living in regions with cellular network that are underserved by the grid.

Mobisol - a Solar Home System with an Integrated Intelligent Module

  • System monitoring: Maintenance service when necessary

  • Flexible reimbursement scheme Theft protection

  • Continuous user training and support through mobile phone communication

The unit consists of one or more PV modules, a GSM modem, one or more lighting units, a universal mobile phone charging socket and an optional battery with charging equipment. The billing of the pay-as-you-go charges together with the activation of the PV system occurs via mobile phone.

Role of MEI:

MicroEnergy International takes part in the development and implementation of the pilot phase of Mobisol's solar home system to field test product and service systems, monitor impact on people's lives, and to refine the business model. MEI acts as an expert in end user-finance, solar home systems, and user-centered innovations.

The Partner:

Mobisol GmbH is a German company that promotes and disseminates affordable solar home systems in regions where they are most needed and their application is the most efficient.

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