ME Supply System


Assuring stable power supply in shifting environments


In 2011 MicroEnergy International has launched the development of the MicroEnergy Supply System as a suitable solution for MFIs, offering loans for electrical energy products.

The ME Supply System MESUS is an alternative electrical energy supply system, developed for the demands of people living in areas with weak energy-infrastructures. It assures stable power supply for households and small businesses as a self sufficient island system and can work as a backup system to an unstable grid connection. This flexibility enables an operation of the MESUS in various developing countries where grid structures are expanding and the implementation of other decentral supply systems include a high economical risk.

The MicroEnergy Supply System is specially adapted to the business logic of MFIs and addresses several crucial tasks such as:

  • System monitoringDecreasing risk of warranty cases in consequence of misuse through the creation of detailed usage profiles
  • Decreasing service expenditures through an embedded proactive service logic
  • Assuring a longer operationtime of all components through an advanced control system

Furthermore MESUS contains a comprehensive cloudbased information system that enables simplified handling of several issues regarding service and maintenance, payment, carbon finance and subsequent system adaption

For the development of the MESUS, MicroEnergy has set up a consortium consisting MEI, the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK Berlin and iPLON, a private company based in the field of automatic appliance communication for solar parks.

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