Assessing Solar Lighting Supply Chains in Burkina Faso


MicroEnergy International undertook a study to determine which supply chain(s) can be used either as a model or as an intermediary distributor by the World Bank’s Lighting Africa programme in Burkina Faso. The study aimed to significantly enhance the distribution of Lighting Africa-approved solar lamps within the country.


MicroEnergy International assessed the current distribution of available solar lamps and similar products in Burkina Faso, by following current supply chains from the end-customers via the last-mile retailer backward through to distributors, suppliers and importers or manufacturers. It identified and examined the bottlenecks of solar lamp distribution, and recommended appropriate solutions. The study was designed for actors on-the-ground and therefore showcased best practices, provided practical maps and graphics, and identified potential partners.


The study was carried out by a team of consultants working both in the field and in MicroEnergy International’s head office in Berlin.

The study provides useful advice for solar lamp retailers aiming to penetrate the Burkinabe market and showcases alternative ways to distribute solar lamps.





MicroEnergy International implemented the study on behalf of the World Bank and in cooperation with Arnaud Chabanne, CEO of CB Energie, one of the most experienced solar product manufacturers and retailers in Burkina Faso. The study was completed in September 2013.