E-BoP Workshop

The E-BoP Workshop (Energize the Base of the Pyramid), is an expert course format designed to enable energy service providers to improve their business models in close cooperation with MFIs in order to reach customers at the BoP.

The workshop is organized at least twice a year, once during each week of the Energy Entrepreneurship and Rural Electrification (EERE) seminar. The E-BoP is a workshop specifically designed for industrial and service companies, who are willing to develop or improve a business model that focuses primarily on the BoP as a target group for their products and services.

The E-BoP workshop intends to raise awareness about four main issues when planning a business model, which is divided into four different stations (knowledge management, finance, products and services, human resources). During the workshop, groups spend 20 minutes at each station and discuss the challenges with the respective experts. Afterwards, the participants form groups to come up with an overall idea of how to solve the challenges presented. At the end of the workshop, teams share their conclusions and have an open discussion on their results.

The E-BoP workshop is beneficial in helping each participant identify the different solutions available to improve their personal business models and recognize the benefits of collaborating with MFIs to reach the overall objective of gaining BoP customers.


For further details or booking please contact Mathias Koepke (mathias.koepke(AT)microenergy-international.com)