The Energizing Microfinance Workshop

Incorporating energy products into the loan portfolio of an MFI is an innovative idea to support micro-entrepreneurs and households to gain access to clean energy, but it is also a major challenge.


The E-MF workshop enables MFIs to reach financial, social and environmental sustainability, also known as the triple bottom line approach.


The workshop aims at

  • creating awareness among the MFI towards the energy needs of their clients
  • discussing different business models
  • sharing important lessons learned
  • introducing the possibility of linking microfinance with carbon finance
  • facilitating possible future collaboration


The workshop is designed for MFIs that are

  • willing to change and improve their customer services,
  • interested in diversifying their product portfolio,
  • motivated to invest in clean energy financing.


Participants will benefit from the workshop through

  • attaining a summary of recent experiences and lessons learned from around the world
  • identificaton of opportunities for micro energy products for both customers and in regards to your institution
  • obtaining information on new funding opportunities
  • receiving personalized consulting advice from experts in the planning, implementation and the development of micro energy projects
  • provision of the starting points as well as advice on the further steps


Are you interested in participating? Please contact us to get information on upcoming events: e-mfi(at)