The Microfinance and Energy Inclusion Workshop

The Microfinance and Energy Inclusion Workshop is a 1.5 day workshop aimed at further developing business models for emerging markets in the microfinance and energy sectors. This workshop was conducted as a side event to several conferences in the field of energy and microfinance.

Access to reliable, affordable and clean energy sources is the main prerequisite for economic growth and climate protection. For businesses, the demand for energy in developing countries provides a huge, untapped market. In this context, microfinance institutions (MFIs) working at the BoP represent a new innovative channel to invest in clean energy financing and enable access-to-energy solutions in low-income segments. However, the adaptation of products and services to the requirements of microfinance in this context remains a challenge, which needs to be addressed.

The 1.5 day Microfinance and Energy Inclusion Workshop was established to provide participants with the tools for designing and developing energy business models, best suited for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) markets by incorporating microfinance institutions as local distribution and financing partners. On the first day of the workshop, the participants will develop their customer relations skills, including sales, payments, (after-sales) service and product warranty. The second day focuses on the design, implementation and growth process which entails developing business models on core topics such as Knowledge Management, Products/Services, Finance and Human Resources. In addition, participants will also be able to learn how to deal with stakeholders such as governments, NGOs and training centres. The workshop concludes with experts giving next step recommendations to participants.

Participants will benefit by having the opportunity to share and discuss personal experiences with expert MEI consultants. They will also be given professional advice from the initiation phase to the follow-up phase in group and personalized settings, which includes recommendations on planning, implementing and developing microenergy projects through Microfinance institutions. This workshop is a highly personalized session, adjusted to participants' needs and expectations, to maximize the exchange of knowledge and know-how, in order to help participants structure and develop their projects or business ideas by incorporating first-hand information and advice from MEI’s experts.