Bachelorthesis SOC, SOH and SOF Algorithm

Thesis Supervision

MicroEnergy International offers a range of topics for students in bachelor or master programs who are willing to write their final thesis on a microenergy related issue.

With our international team, our broad knowledge and vast experience in the field, the MEI team is capable to fully support a scientific thesis. In addition to current projects, we endeavour to provide the opportunity to examine problems that are of high practical relevance.

MEI is always looking for innovative and motivated students with clever ideas. We usually recommend coming on board as an intern before starting the thesis. Feel free to contact us.

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Bachelor Thesis

One Bachelorthesis is written about battery management algorithms.
It should improve the state of charge estimation of lead acid batteries. Measuring the load and pv current, with help of an algorithm, it calculates the state of charge under load to get the remaining stored energy in the battery. Another battery value that should be monitored, is the state of health that shows the battery lifetime and the remaining capacity because of deterioration. The last value that sould be shown is the state of function, it descripes the possibilty of the battery to support high current.

Master Thesis

Promoting Clean Energy Technologies (CET’s) through microfinance in Ethiopia

The Master thesis of Marie Rushfeldt is closely interlinked with the Ethiopian project on promoting Clean Energy Technologies (CET’s) through microfinance. To answer in parts the question “How could CET’s be implemented in Ethiopia through microfinance?” she will be looking at the challenges that the Microfinance institutions (MFI’s) face with incorporating this new business opportunity and the effects  the CET’s will have for the clients and on the environment. Most of the information concerning the MFI’s have been gathered through discussions with three partner MFI’s. Insights from the demand assessment survey and interviews with suppliers will also be used for the analysis. From the survey she will extract information about the current financial relation between the clients and the MFI’s, as well as the clients’ attitudes towards and knowledge of the CET’s. Through the interviews with the suppliers she was able to get a perception of already existing technology projects, in addition to get a better understanding of the current import and distribution of CET’s. Observations from the field will also add to the general overview of the intricate process.