Feasibility study and the design of a hybrid solar / diesel system to power an electrical mini-grid in rural Mozambique (partnership with Inensus)

Project contracted by BTC (Belgian Development Agency) and FUNAE (Mozambican Energy Fund)

Timeframe: March-August 2014


In partnership with the German company INENSUS, MicroEnergy International is supporting the development of the pre-feasibility, feasibility study and design of the construction and installation of a diesel/solar hybrid system in rural Mozambique.


The pre-feasibility study entails the assessment of two regions: Dôa (Tete Province) and Naburi (Zambézia Province). As a result of this initial stage, one of the two sites will be selected for an in-depth analysis. Currently housing diesel generation systems, both localities and the existing systems will be appraised in order to determine the most suited village for the implementation of a hybrid system.


Overall the hybrid solar/diesel system should be able to supply 24 hour power to the connections on the mini-grid and incorporate a pre-paid billing solution for everyone connected. The study shall result in a feasibility report summarizing the findings of the reserach regarding a technically, economically and socially sustainable operation of a solar/diesel hybrid system in either Dôa or Naburi including all technical documentation required for the implementation of such system.