Study for the Identification of Technologies and Actors in the Green Microfinance Field in West Africa

Project Description:

In 2011, Luxemburg Development (LuxDev) launched a project aiming at providing a sustainable finance mechanism for efficient, renewable and clean energy for low-income households and micro-entrepreneurs in West Africa, herewith combining microfinance with microenergy (energy supply at micro level) and carbon finance. After this project, two West-African countries were selected: Senegal and Burkina Faso. A previous study was conducted in 2012; the present project aims to reassess the potential technologies, which aim to satisfy the most energy needs.

Fig 1: Traditional fish smoking procedure

Recommended Technologies:

Senegal: Biogas, Improved Cooking Stoves (for fish smoking), Fridges
Burkina Faso: Biogas and Improved Cooking Stoves (for Dolo production)


Fig 2: Biogas installation


Low-income households and micro-entrepreneurs

Project objectives:

The ultimate goal is to identify technologies which meet the needs of the market (end users) and are easily marketable, as well as the respective actors involved throughout the value chain, so as to define a way of intervention of ADA by means of a local or regional partner.


Operational Phases:

- Methodological framework and inventory of experiences and actors in the renewable energy and energy efficiency field

•  Development of methodological guidelines for the identification of technologies: proposed methods on data collection for the technology analysis, equipment’s sheets templates, information regarding the main stakeholders

•    Pre-selection of the 11 technologies, list of contacts and stakeholders and their influence/dependence level on the final identification of technologies

- Identification of technologies

•   Comparative analysis of the identified technologies; elaboration of sheets on the most significant technologies, including the main technical and financial specifications and information on the value and distribution chains; recommendations.

Transversal Phases:

- Identification of a potential partner organization

•      Piloting: recruitment and contracting with the local consultants

•    Jointly identification of a potential partner organization together with Alteractive

•     Field mission: establishment of a contact list, data collection method in accordance with the proposed methodology.

Fig 3: Dolo (Beer) brewing


Countries of Implementation:

Burkina Faso:


Time Period:

May 2014 – August 2014