Market Study of Pico PV Lamps for Introduction into Fondesurco’s Portfolio

Project Description:

The Peruvian MFI Fondesurco based in Arequipa has developed the program “Renewable Energy Solutions (RES)” with the support of ADA, MEI and EnDev/GIZ. The program aims at the successful diversification of Fondesurco’s portfolio to offer access to clean energy technologies through a green loan called FondeEnergía.

One of the selected products to be added to the FondeEnergía program is the Pico PV lamp. For this technology, MEI, with the support of EnDev/GIZ carried out an analysis of different available models and suppliers. Three of them were selected according to the quality of the product and the interest of participating in the RES Program of the suppliers. The lamps have successfully overcome quality tests done by Lighting Africa and Fraunhofer Institute. In order to introduce the Pico PV lamps in the product catalogue of the FondeEnergia, a market assessment is required. Results will determine the target market, marketing strategy, pilot branches and business strategy for the MFI.

Fig 1. Fondesurco's Energy Technical Advisor - 3 Models of Pico PV Lamps


Recommended Technologies:

Pico PV Lamp


MFIs, End-users,  Local suppliers


  • Design of the methodology and tools of the project
  • Training of local support for field research
  • Monitor data collection
  • Analysis of the data collected from the surveys
  • Design of the distribution strategy

Fig 2. Focus Group


Project objectives:

The market study aimed at:    

  • Determine and quantify the market segments for the energy product
  • Define the client profile and/or micro-entrepreneur for the acquisition and commercialization of the energy product
  • Determine which products should be replaced by the energy product, as well as the expenses related to their use
  • Determine the acceptance level of the energy product of the clients in the regions where Fondesurco is present
  • Identify the parallel supply chain present in the studied regions, that can add the Pico PV Lamps to their portfolios, such as commercialization companies of traditional lighting products (bulbs, lanterns, candles), of agricultural materials, and weekly regional markets
  • Propose guidelines to define marketing strategies for the targeted market segments, identifying the most used mass media, as well as their schedules and most popular frequencies
  • Define the most suitable sales arguments for the different market segments

Fig 3. Feedback Session of End-Users Who Tested the Lamps




Time Period:

January 2014 – March 2014