Vitalization of the value chain of Improved Cooking Stoves in Peru

Project Description:


The project aims at facilitating improved market access for improved cooking stoves to the members of the Savings and Credit Unions (UNICAS), in the departments of Lambayeque and Ayacucho in Peru,  through the adaptation of the financial mechanisms and through vitalizing their market by working together with local technology providers.

The project seeks to support the Inclusive Program for Rural Enterprise Development (PRIDER), an initiative of COFIDE, which promotes social and economic inclusion of vulnerable families in rural areas of the country. As part of its environmental program it will facilitate access to the cooking stoves through the UNICAS. The UNICAS are civil associations formed by 10-30 families in the same community.



Improved Cooking Stoves



Clients from UNICAs (Uniones de Crédito y Ahorro). Programa Prider



The project implementation comprises four blocks. The actual services provided by MEI will be developed in close collaboration with the financial institution, COFIDE and their local team working for the PRIDER program.

1. Stimulation of demand for (portable) improved cooking stoves

2. Strengthening the supply of (portable) improved cooking stoves

3. Development of the green financial product for the (portable) improved cooking stoves

4. Monitoring and Evaluation of the project

The first on-site mission, conducted in January 2015 by MEI, focused on the research of usage, needs, expenses and costs of energy for cooking in the rural areas, as well as the cooking techniques of the clients residing within the UNICAs in the departments of Ayacucho and Lambayeque.

The second field research, conducted in April-May 2015, focused on the selection of the model of Improved Cooking Stoves in the different tackled regions, according to a prior evaluation of providers.

In addition, the role of MEI has been to establish a strong supply chain to vitalize the market of ICSs in the selected regions.

MEI will also bring advice on the financial product to acquire the Improved Cooking Stove within the UNICAs, adapting the credit lending mechanisms within the UNICAs in order to acquire the green product.

In the course of the different phases, the planning will be continuously adjusted according to the first results observed thanks to the monitoring that will be carried out during the whole implementation of the project.

The final evaluation and audit of the project will take place at the end of the present year, 2015.


Project Objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality of life of the beneficiary families in the Peruvian regions of Ayacucho and Lambayeque, in economic, social, health and environmental terms.

The expected results are the encouragement of supply of Improved Cooking Stoves, strengthening demand for such technology and the development of a financial product for cooking stoves. The project will benefit 960 families of a total of 7,559 that form part of the 498 UNICAS located in Lambayeque and Ayacucho.

Fig 1. Client of the UNICA after acquiring her ICS